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Apr 13 2021

What are risk management parameters in Binary Options trading?

Risk Management

If you ever worked in a company, especially one that requires the use of machinery, you must have become familiar with the concept of risk management parameters. They are preventive measures found in the internal regulations of the company, are mandatory, and mainly allow to prevent injuries and deaths from any unfavorable event, such as an accident. In finance and online trading, risk management is often understood as the backup plan in case a trend turns unfavorable.

Risk management parameters are functions of a broker or trading platform that allow you to respond automatically to avoid that, in the event that the market turns unfavorable, a significant loss of capital occurs. The ideal objective with them is that the trader does not lose all the capital with which he entered the broker in the first place.

As traders, we are interested in knowing what are the risk management parameters and tools in a broker or in any application that we use to trade, due to the high risks of losing money that are generated when carrying out operations with financial assets.

What are the most common risk management tools for brokers?

The main and most characteristic feature that every broker must offer is negative balance protection: with it you can ensure that you will never be left with less money than you entered the broker in the first place. The main function of this risk management tool in trading is to issue an order that compensates for the excessive losses that a trader may generate if the market suddenly turns unfavorable.

The second most popular option among brokers and trading platforms is known as stop-loss. In Binary Options, unlike other investment methods, what triggers the stop-loss is not the price of the asset, but the variation in the capital of your account. The stop loss is responsible for preventing your account from continuing to operate once a certain amount of capital has been lost.

Contrary to stop-loss, there is the take-profit parameter, which is basically based on setting a profit limit. When the account capital reaches that number, it stops operating to secure profits and reduce risks.

In addition, there is also what is known as trade amount limit which limits the number of daily operations and trade volume Limit, which limits the total volume of daily operations to further reduce risk.

Risk management with MT2Trading Platform

All the previously mentioned risk management parameters are available on the MT2Trading platform. The function of these is to maximize your profits while regulating and minimizing your losses.
In Binary Options there are only two scenarios, either you win or you lose the invested capital. This is why both stop-loss and take-profit are very useful for those who seek to automate their trading strategies with complete security and confidence.

The MT2Trading platform not only offers traditional risk management parameters, but also offers different filters, including: minimum payout, trading hours, limit of open trades per pair, limit of total open trades and ignore Martingale on the next expiration

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