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Jan 06 2021

What are binary options signals and how to get them?

Trading signals are extremely important and must be taken into account when investing in the Binary Options market, as they will help you to predict the direction in which an asset will move, and help you optimize your trading profits. However, how can you detect good Binary Options signals? This is a good question which answer depends on each asset separately since not all behave in the same way or respond in the same way to certain events.

When it comes to Binary Options trading, the signals can be very difficult to detect since these types of operations open and close in a matter of a few minutes, taking advantage of the micro-movements of the market more than the big trends. To detect Binary Options signals, however, there are specialized software called binary robots, that can help you automate your operations.

In general terms, a robot is simply dedicated to opening and closing trades for you based on trading signals, a simple and repetitive task. MT2Trading platform offers a trading robot specialized precisely in reading these signals and operating based on your custom configurations, that will allow you to take your trading to the next level, while you enjoy your life.

What are Trading Signals?

A trading signal is an indication that can be found both in technical analysis and in fundamental analysis, which indicates that the market is moving towards one specific trend or another. They can be simply peaks or troughs on a line chart, long or short wicks on candlestick charts, important news or events that affect a certain market, specific dates on the economic calendar, or any other indicator that warns you where the market will move next.

In Binary Options, the signals are difficult to see, precisely because of the short times in which they are executed. Fortunately, the trends that can be observed in macro views, are usually also reflected in micro ones, but this is not usually enough.

Unexpected market movements can negatively affect your Binary Options trading, leading to losses. This is why Binary Options are considered very high risk, and it is not recommended to trade them without the help of software that is capable of identifying these signals.

Types of binary options signals

There are 2 types of trading signals that we can extrapolate to binary options, to obtain the best possible predictions when it comes to predicting the next market movement. A good trader is a good predictor, and to be a good predictor you need to pay close attention to these signs that can make the difference between a successful and a failed trade.

Among the binary options signals we can identify the following types:

Buy or ‘CALL’ signals

Buy signals are those that indicate that the market price is going to rise, they indicate the weakening of a downtrend or an action that could boost the value of a particular asset.

These signals are called “Buy” or “CALL” and in binary options, they can indicate that the priceof the said asset will begin to go up. Following these types of signals will allow us to trade more safely within the binary options market, but they are not always a safe bet, due to the risky characteristic of Binary Options.

Sell or ‘PUT’ signals

Contrary to the previous one, these types of signals indicate that an upward trend could be weakening and that a certain asset will begin to lose value. This means that it is time to carry out Sell operations, because the market trend will begin to be bearish.

These are the types of signals that you are really interested in binaries because if you invest in this market, our job will be to predict where the market will go next. In addition to these signals, there are two more types.

Binary Options Signals Help You Get Oriented

The main problem trading Binary Options manually, especially when you are not very experienced, is that on micro scales, the market behaves very unpredictably. The small variations that occur in a matter of minutes are very difficult to predict and for a human, it is only possible to focus on a maximum of 3 or 4 at the same time.

There are many services such as live Binary Options signals or paid Binary Options signals that can help you, but the interpretation of these signals is still the point of view of another person and it will be difficult to keep track of all the given signals and execute them fast on your broker accounts, resulting in a frustrating experience.

With MT2Trading you can save all this frustration because our platforms allows your account to receive these signals and have a robot execute them automatically on your broker accounts. 

Where you can get MT2Trading Binary Options signals

Thanks to simple plugins that can integrate without problems with any of the company’s partner brokers:, IQ Option, Spectre, Alpari, Instaforex and CLMforex, MT2 can be connected to MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and MT5 (MetaTrader 5) platforms and make use of the signals from your technical indicators on many assets at the same time. This allows you to detect signals coming from both platforms and automatically generate trading orders on your broker accounts.

On the other hand, MT2 offers also a Copytrading feature, which allows you to copy the strategy of professional traders and execute them directly in your broker account, achieving similar results as them, completely automatically. 

For MT2 to work, it must remain connected to your broker from your computer since the robot is a program compatible with Windows and will need the power of your computer to work. However, you can also hire a VPS service and operate the robot remotely in all brokers except IQ Option, as it does not allow it to be operated using a VPS.


The use of trading signals is a fairly common practice to be able to predict what the market’s next move will be. Thanks to binary robots like MT2Trading, you can take advantage of programmed binary options signals to get the best out of your trading process and earn more money than you would if they traded without their help.

There are 2 types of signals that traders look for to determine if a market is about to go up or down: Buy or ‘CALL’ and Sell or ‘PUT’. MT2Trading is able to connect with MetaTrader 4 and 5 and obtain signals from technical indicators, in addition to obtaining signals from other means, such as CopyTrading and manual trading. This technology allows traders who specialize in binary options to achieve a more reliable auto trading solution, making it it stand out from the competition and become an almost mandatory option for anyone who wants to trade binary options successfully.