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May 11 2021

The best way to trade automatically in IQ Option from your PC

There is a practical, simple and efficient way to make money automatically when trading in IQ Option, that has proven to be one of the best methods to level the risk of trading binary options and potential rewards of doing so.

Binary Options, as a financial asset that can be traded online, became famous because of its high risk and the great possibilities of losing money with them if you do not know what you are doing. For this reason an IQ Option robot can be extremely helpful to maximize profits and minimize losses.

Due to the nature of Binary Options, a platform such as MT2trading becomes a tool that you could find very useful if applied correctly. There is no guarantee of successful trading if you do it manually, but with MT2’s automated signal-based system and risk management parameters, your chances of losing money are drastically reduced.

What makes MT2Trading the best IQ Option robot nowadays?

Unlike most of the options on the market, in which you provide your IQ Option log-in credentials and allow the robot to blindly place trades on your account, MT2Trading allows you to choose within trading signals coming from different sources and configure important parameters,  that will help you to automate your trades while keeping full control of the account and achieve much better trading results in consequence.

What makes MT2Trading one of the best options on the market is also the sheer number of features it has and the fact that it has been reviewed and approved by 6 of the best binary options brokers available.

Among the functions it offers to traders are the following:

MetaTrader 4/5 Connectors

The MetaTrader 4/5 connectors (Auto & Manual) are the main function that you will use with MT2, whether you want to automate your trades or want to get the most out of your manual operations. These easy-to-use plugins allow you to connect your Binary Options brokers to MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms, using a single and comfortable interface.

The Auto Connector will act as a bridge between your Binary Options broker account/s and MT4 or MT5. Once loaded on MetaTrader charts the connectors will read CALL/PUT signals from any technical indicator and place trades automatically on the brokers accounts, respecting the desired trade amount, entry type, martingale strategy and risk management parameters.

The Manual Connector will allows you to trade manually, since you will be able to open CALL/PUT trades directly from the plugin interface on MetaTrader 4/5, and your actions will be replicated in all the brokers accounts that you have connected, respecting the desired trade amount, entry type, martingale strategy and risk management parameters.


Social CopyTrading is another amazing feature that allows you to improve your results by obtaining trading signals from third-party signal providers offering their service on MT2Trading platform.

As a way to get better results in Binary Options, CopyTrading can be extremely effective, especially for beginners. Achieving profitability requires trading experience, knowledge and time. If you are not a full time trader or have been around in the market for some years, it is probable you lack at least one of these requirements.

There are hundreds of expert traders providing signals on MT2, which means you have a wide range of choices to choose from. Once you subscribe to a signal provider, all the trades he makes on his own account, will be automatically replicated on your IQ Option account, on real time and respecting your desired trade amount and risk management parameters.

Risk management

Finding good trading signals is only the first step if you want to achieve success while trading Binary Options on IQ Option. What will keep your capital safe and prevent your account from blowing up is a proper risk management plan.

MT2Trading allows you to set risk management parameters to help you maximize your profits while minimizing your losses, including the famous Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) limits.

As well as risk management parameters, you’ll be able to benefit from trading filters such as minimum payout, trading hours and limit of open trades.

Live Market Charts

Apart from the MetaTrader 4/5 charts, MT2Trading offer its own premium quality live market graphs fed from TradingView, that can help you anticipate market changes without needing to check the charts on IQ Option platform.

We know each trader has different preferences when it comes to market graphics. You’ll be able to choose within many options to make your graphics look just the way you like them!

Trading Statistics

Thanks to historical trading statistics, you’ll be able to keep track of your trading history and account: Win rate, amount of trades, signal name, draw down and total profits, among others.

Access & analyze all your information within MT2Platform or simply export to a .csv spreadsheet file for excel or matlab analysis, in order to analyze & optimize your trading with the IQ Option robot.

Signal Builder

Finally, the Signal Builder is a MetaTrader 4/5 plugin that comes with the MT2Trading platform, that allows you to create and design your own trading signals, based on nine famous technical indicators, and automating them, improving your trading results and saving you a lot of valuable time in your life.


The IQ Option robot (MT2Trading) is really the most complete option that exists at the moment in the market to trade Binary Options, since it has a large number of useful features, in addition to the possibility of using a demo account to test it with practice money before trading with real money.

MT2Trading is also available for 6 reputable Binary Options brokers: IQ Options,, Alpari,, Instaforex and CLM, the best known and best rated by binary traders.