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Apr 27 2021

MT2Trading’s Binary Options Automated Trading Tournaments

Binary Options Tournaments

If you are looking for a different and funny way to invest, Binary Options Tournaments in MT2 Trading may be a good option for you, but you should consider some issues first.

Binary Options trading is extremely simple. As a trader, you need to predict if the price of a given asset will increase or decrease in a determined time frame, usually around 1-5 minutes.

If the prediction is correct, the trader will get back his initial investment plus a percentage of it as a return. If the prediction is incorrect, he will lose his initial investment.

Being such a dynamic form of trading, the capital of Binary Options traders can multiply or go to zero in a matter of minutes. 

Not every trader is prepared for these high risk, fast dynamics, so we designed a product that allows users to enjoy the adrenaline rush of trading Binary Options, but without having to deal with the stress of potential big capital loss: Automated Trading Tournaments.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything related to the new tournaments product and how you can participate in them, competing for amazing prices and having lots of fun.

What are MT2 Binary Options Automated Trading Tournaments?

MT2Trading Tournaments are contests between traders where everyone can participate for an accessible fixed fee. Each participant gets a MT2 tournament account with the same virtual balance. MT2 Tournaments are the only ones that allow for fully automated trading as well, instead of just traditional manual trading.

Each participant is provided with a special $100 tournament account, initial conditions being equal. Trades must be placed on MT2Trading Platform, either automatically or manually. 75% of the entry fees are transferred to the prize pool.

Logically, the higher the amount of participants, the higher the prize pool will be. Tournaments can last from a week to a whole month. The winner is the trader who finishes with the highest balance on the tournament account, and the prize pool is divided among the 9 (nine) best traders.

How can traders participate in MT2 Tournaments?

In order to participate, the traders will need to:
1. Open a tournaments account
2. Register on a tournament
3. Place trades on their MT2Trading Platforms, under the ‘Tournaments’ tab, using any of the available signal sources.

Some MT2 users prefer automated trading and others prefer to do everything themselves, manually. There is no need to worry about this, as trades on tournaments can be placed using any of the available signal sources:

Auto Connector
Manual Connector
– One-click Trading

If you’re not familiar yet with MT2Trading Platform and the signal sources mentioned above, you can start learning about us by clicking here

Once the trader pays the tournament fee, he will start trading, until the tournament ends and the prize pool is divided among the participants with the highest balance.

You can find detailed instructions on our Tournaments step-to-step guide by clicking here

Tournaments are a great opportunity for everyone

The idea behind MT2 tournaments is to provide every MT2Trading platform user an opportunity to make money trading or winning a MT2 license, without risking their trading capital.

With participation fees as low as just 2 USD and no need for an active MT2Trading license, everyone can be part of the tournaments and win money or a license in a fun, stress-free manner.

Accessible fees, no trading on a Binary Options broker platform, lots of fun.

So, if you are a smart and determined trader, using MT2Trading platform and looking to have a good time while winning incredible prizes, join us any week and start participating!

We will be hosting one tournament from Monday to Friday each week, and you’ll be able to register to participate both from MT2Trading platform directly or through our website.