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Mar 23 2021

How to manually trade with MT2Trading IQ Option robot

MT2Trading is a fairly complete trading platform that, although focuses mainly on automation, can also be used manually to trade Binary Options at any compatible broker. Manually trade with IQ Option with MT2Trading will allow you to benefit from a series of advantages added to the platform that your Broker most probably do not offer.

MT2 system allows you to both trade manually using a single intuitive platform by clicking on ‘CALL’ and ‘PUT’ buttons directly on your MetaTrader charts, as well as automating signals from  technical indicators to generate income completely automatically. It happens that sometimes you may want to honor your Binary Options trading skills and not relay on an automated trading system.

On this article, we will explain to you how to trade manually on your MetaTrader 4/5 charts, and have this trades placed on your favorite Binary Options brokers, through MT2Trading Platform.

Create a bridge with MetaTrader 4/5 for your favorite Binary Options brokers

The way MT2Trading works to obtain signals from MetaTrader charts is through MT4/MT5 simple plug-ins, connecting both of these platforms to different Binary Options brokers. Signals are read from MetaTrader platform, processed on MT2Trading and placed on the brokers, thanks to API connections.

The connector plug-ins will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits MetaTrader platform offers to its users. In the case of manual trading, you will be able to visualize and execute trades directly on MT4/MT5 market charts. When it comes to automated trading, you will be able to read signals from technical indicators and place trades automatically on your broker account.

MT2Trading is much more than just an IQ Option robot for beginners, as it has a large number of functions that can serve any trader regardless of their level of expertise in the matter.
The platform is compatible with others regulated binary options brokers as well, such as, CLMForex, and Alpari Fixed Contracts.

You can learn more about our MetaTrader connectors by clicking here

Is it better to trade manually with IQ Option or automatically?

When an operation involves money, its level of relevance increases considerably. We do not want to lose our money in an unsuccessful investment, for this reason, the question of whether operating automatically is better than operating manually comes to the mind of anyone who is entering the world of trading.

Certainly there are clear advantages in automatic trading, as long as you relay on a robot that really works for you and that is not a scam, like most of the ones you will find on the internet. But many traders with experience prefer to place the operations themselves, which is totally understandable.

MT2Trading gives you the option to choose between both automation and manual trading. If you ask around, they most frequent answer will probably be that it is better to automate, since this way you eliminate the human factor from your binary options trading and you would be able to make fewer errors.

However, it is likely that for some particular reason you prefer to follow an option manually, either so as not to lose practice when it comes to predicting market movements or to hedge an underlying asset to which you want to pay more attention.

You can learn more about manual trading with MT2Trading by clicking here

Tips for manual trading with IQ Option and MT2Trading

If you want to get the best results and learn how to trade IQ Option Binary Options using MT2 Trading software to improve your results, we recommend that you follow these tips:

Look for a signal indicator

MT2Trading has a fairly varied Marketplace where you can find different MetaTrader 4/5 signal indicators that can be adjusted to your particular needs. There are free options and other paid ones that share useful extra material. It is up to you to find the tools that best suits your needs and financial capabilities.

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Keep an open mind about automation

Although you might prefer manual operations, the truth is that help never hurts too much and our automation system based on signals from different sources has proven to be fully efficient, as you can see the opinions of our clients on our home page.

Create a demo account and practice

You must remember that, although they are relatively simple operations to perform, Binary Options carry a very high risk, and you can lose money quickly if you do not know what you are doing. If you prefer to operate manually, it is best that you Create a free account at a broker and add the free MT2Trading demo to trade with virtual money. This way, you can create strategies and backup plans in case you lose money with your trading strategies.

By practicing on a demo account, can learn how to trade IQ Option on 2021 while getting familiar with the MT2Trading platform without risking your money.