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Dec 14 2021

How To Make Money Using A Forex Robot

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You can be a successful forex trader by entirely depending on a robot to identify trading patterns and make trades for you. Forex Robots like our MT2 trading platform are types of software created purposely to give traders trading signals and automate decisions. 

While some forex robots only serve the purpose of placing trades automatically, our robot offers detailed trading insights, giving users as much information as possible. From a pragmatic standpoint, the MT2 platform presents several features that enhance the success rate by reducing risk and helping you make profitable decisions. 

Automated Forex Trading 

Simple automated forex trading is what you need if you have been experiencing trouble with complex forex expert advisors. Being a unique platform that enables users to trade forex easily, the MT2 application provides the best technology for Binary and forex options.

MT2 automated forex trading feature gives you the liberty to select your favorite brokers on the market as the platform has integrated the most reputable, including IC Markets, XM, AvaTrade, FXPrimus, Tickmill, and many more. Additionally, its user-friendliness makes it simple for all traders, whether starters or professionals. 

Social CopyTrading

The MT2 Social CopyTrading feature enables users to subscribe to public signal providers. In this case, we have provided a list of seasoned forex traders where you can choose one among them. 

Whether or not to pay for the signals depends on the providers. While some signals providers may give misleading information, those enlisted on our forex trading robot have been analyzed over the past years to ensure authenticity. Therefore, you will be given all the information about the providers before subscribing to their signals. Moreover, you can freely communicate to your provider through our platform, so do not hesitate to ask them anything.

MetaTrader 4/5 Connector 

MT2 has integrated many automated forex trading tools to enable users to create a bridge between MetaTrader 4/5 and other forex brokers. With the vast range of possibilities on the forex trading connector, you can choose whether to apply martingale or not and the type you want.

Risk Management

Like most investments, automated forex trading is risky because it involves a volatile market. For this reason, MT2 includes risk management features that give you control over your account. This way, you can indicate the trading parameters you want the robot to utilize so you can make profits while simultaneously avoiding losses.

You can set up daily profit targets for your account through the daily take-profit parameter, regular daily stop-loss via daily stop-loss parameter, organize a trade limit amount, and come up with a limit on the traded volume for your account.

Custom Configurations

Even though the automated trading robot makes tough decisions for you, we have accustomed it to suit your trading needs, regardless of your preferred methods and strategies. With the MT2 automated robot, you can set up minimum payouts, and the robot will not set up any trades until the payout is achieved. Additionally, the trading robot will only conduct activities during the hours you have set, and you can limit the number of open trades per pair filter.

Economic News Filter

This feature lets you instruct specific hours on which the trading robot will work. Forex options and binary options are highly impacted by global economic news and occasions hence can influence the trends in certain currencies. As such, the news filters will prevent the robot from working during such hours.

Live Market Graphs

Live market graphs are features that allow traders to predict future swings in currency prices. With the live market graphs provided on MT2, you can swiftly analyze the predictions for better decision-making.

Trading Statistics

If you want to be a successful forex trader, it is important to have knowledge of historical data and statistics before employing your strategies. With our trading statistics feature, you can view historical data from your trades and signal providers. We record all the operations that go through our servers for future references.

Signal Builder

The MT2 signal builder allows you to create trading signals and strategies of your own, which you can test against the historical data in our systems. This will enable you to view whether or not you stand a chance of getting good results. There is no restriction on the number of tests you can do. 


All these features on the MT2 platform have been integrated to facilitate ease of use and understanding for all level forex traders. By using these elements, you can make huge profits, even better than professional traders.

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