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Dec 30 2021

How To Auto Trade Forex Without Expert Advisors

auto trade forex

Before committing yourself to anything in life, it is critical to have a clear view of your objective. Similarly, while trading forex, it is crucial to have specific goals in mind and to ensure that the trading strategy you choose has the capacity to realize these goals. 

Trading forex automatically is not as complicated as some people portray it. It is an excellent approach to broaden a larger investment, and anyone, including a beginner, has the potential to benefit when trading. While trading forex automatically without expert advisors is attainable, it is critical to remember that practice, knowledge, and discipline are essential for getting and staying on top.

The simplest way of trading forex without expert advisors is through our forex options robot that allows traders to buy one currency while selling another in a foreign exchange spot transaction. For instance, a trader can assess a trading asset such as the US Dollar against the British Pound then decide which to sell or buy one, depending on the predictions.

How it Works

Before the invention of automated trading software, forex traders were required to have expert advice and acquire vast knowledge about the markets and trends. However, you don’t have to be concerned about this as we have robots to do the heavy work for you. 

Our MetaTrader Connectors are user-friendly, hence can be used by beginners and experts. At the same time, there is no need for coding at all, and all you need to do is drag and drop the MT2 plugins, then allow the robot to place the trades automatically.

Our forex options product allows you to trade like an expert without being or seeking advice from one. You will manage to keep track of your trading history and account by checking factors such as win rate, amount of trades, signal name, drawdown, and total profits. Our MT2 forex options product is a simple and genuine way to increase your profit margin with a hands-off approach.

Auto Trade Forex in Three Simple Steps

To use our MT2 forex options product, you first have to download the application. Here, you will be required to choose between the desktop edition and the mobile edition. 

Remember that the desktop edition allows users to trade and monitor their trades, while the mobile edition only allows account holders to monitor their trades. Similarly, like with the forex options mobile edition, traders cannot trade forex on our website. Therefore, if you want to auto trade forex, download the MT2 desktop application, then follow the steps below.


After downloading the application, you will be required to log in to your desired MetaTrader 4/5 broker account. This step takes a few moments, and you will be routed to the next stage following verification. 


There is no need to do complex programing to profit from our trading robot. All you will need is to set up the trading robot with your desired signals & parameters.

Auto Invest

The final step is trading forex options automatically by allowing our powerful automated forex trading robot to do all the work for you. You can carry on with your everyday business without being concerned about your trades. 


Trading forex has never been easier than with our forex options product that enables users to trade like experts, regardless of their experience or knowledge. Let our trading robot do the hard work for you and watch your assets increase.

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