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Apr 16 2021

Create your own trading signals with the IQ Option robot: MT2Trading

Trading Signals

Do you like to design and build your own strategies? MT2Trading offers you the opportunity to use its Signal Builder, a MetaTrader 4/5 plugin capable of understanding your trading signals and automating them through the MT2 platform, improving your trading results and saving you a lot of valuable time in your life.

Binary options are a type of operation that should be taken very seriously, since they are quite simple transactions, but can easily lead you to lose money. This is the main reason why the most important task for a binary options trader is to find efficient trading signals. There are several ways to take advantage from signals, such as automating MetaTrader 4/5 technical indicators, or subscribing to expert signal providers.

Due to current markets volatility and little certainties, we recommend that you have an idea of ​​how you are going to proceed in case of a sudden reversal of the trend, even before starting to trade. You must have a backup plan based on trading signals and risk management parameters. This is why MT2Trading offers its users the Signal Builder, a plugin that will help you obtain the most promising signals and generate a trading strategy, that you can follow either manually or automatically.

How does the Signal Builder of MT2Trading work?

There are many ways to get free binary options signals for IQ Option or any other broker, but none of them guarantees good results. For this reason we created a simple-to-use system that helps you create your own trading strategies & signals. With our MT4/MT5 plugin called Signal Builder you can configure signals based on nine of the most famous technical indicators and then create your own signal system.

Supported technical indicators:
– Bollinger bandRSI
– Awesome Occilator
– Stochastic Occilator
– WPR1
– WPR2
– WPR3 and
– Shadow Candle Filter

If you use these indicators and learn to read them correctly, you can create your own strategy, or let the MT2Trading IQ Option robot itself generate it for you, thus automating your entire trading strategy.

The difference with this tool and CopyTrading is that you will not be operating based on signals provided by another trader, but you can become the one who generates them and win trades in your own way. This application is intended for users with more exprience and knowledge with trading in general.

Test the signals without risking money

Thanks to the MT2Trading demo account, you can test the signals you collect from all the indicators without risking your money. This account will allow you to generate strategies based on your experience for free, that you can later automate and thus have greater control over your income.

You will be able to test intensively for as long as you need, without any type of limitations or payment information required.

Start now for free with your MT2Trading demo account by clicking here

How to get started with the Signal Builder to create your own trading signals?

If you want to know the step by step of how to configure Signal Builder, you can visit this tutorial, where we explain exactly how to upload it to MetaTrader and how to start creating your own live trading signals from technical indicators.

The process is very simple, you just have to create an account (if you wish you can create a demo one) and upload the plugin to MetaTrader indicators folder.
Once you have done this, you can start with the configuration. Drag the plugin from the MetaTrader navigator to your charts and start adding parameters that Signal Builder must take into account to create the signals.

In the entry section, for example, you can modify the entry amount, that is, the amount of money that the bot will invest each time it opens a trade. You can also configure the exact time you want to open the trades, the assets in which you want to invest.

Additionally, you can add an expiration date for the signal and activate the Martingale strategy, which is deactivated by default. You can also use the Backtester, which is the tool that allows you to test the results of the signals and strategy that you have created with Signal Builder, based on historical trading data over the MetaTrader 4/5 market charts.