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Mar 08 2021

What is CopyTrading and how to take advantage of it in Binary Options?

CopyTrading is a type of Social Trading that allows copying the strategies and signals of expert traders and applying them to other accounts automatically, with different trading amounts. In the particular case of CopyTrading in Binary Options, MT2Trading is the platform that offers the most complete CopyTrading service that currently exists on the market.

As a way to get better results in Binary Options, CopyTrading can be extremely effective, especially for beginners. Achieving profitability requires trading experience, knowledge and time. If you are not a full time trader or have been around in the market for some years, it is probable you lack at least one of these requirements.

Thanks to tools such as MT2Trading and the Social Trading and CopyTrading function, you can rely on the analysis and signals that other expert traders are using to trade. In this article we will talk about how this method works and how to get the most out of it for better results in Binary Options.

How does the MT2Trading CopyTrading service work?

MT2Trading works based on signals provided by MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 technical indicators and signal providers. In the case of the CopyTrading service, MT2 allows you to access a list of public signal providers to which you subscribe and “copy”, automatically and in real time, with your desired risk management parameters and trading amounts.

This way, every time the signal provider opens a trade, so will your MT2Trading account. It sounds simple, but it is quite a complex feat to accomplish in a software like MT2. The development team has created an ecosystem capable of simultaneously replicating trades on different broker accounts, so that you do not have to be the one doing all the hard work that would be necessary in any other way.

The signals sent by signals providers will be placed as trades on your IQ Option, Binary,, Alpari Fixed Contracts, CLMForex or InstaBinary broker accounts, on real time and with no efforts on your side.

You can learn more about the CopyTrading service by clicking here

How to take advantage of CopyTrading on MT2Trading?

Once you have correctly installed the MT2 software, you simply have to create a subscriber account, log in and subscribe to one or many signal providers. To find out which is the ideal provider for you, you will be able to access historical trading data that will allow you to analyze carefully the results that have been obtained that specific signal provider.

You will be able to analyze, in particular, four important statistics: account gain, that is, what has been the percentage of initial capital growth that the provider has achieved; the win-rate, or the number of trades won over trades lost; the percentage of reduction and the amount of trades that the provider has carried out since he started offering his CopyTrading service.

Apart from this, you can use filters to find your ideal provider, modifying parameters based on the statistics that we already mentioned, in antiquity or simply searching directly for its provider name.

There are hundreds of signal providers at MT2Trading, so you have enough options to choose from in order to get the best possible results. Although the research can be done quite quickly, we recommend that you take your time in finding the provider that best suits your particular needs or expectations.

You can learn more about finding and choosing your signal providers by clicking here

Why become a signal provider for CopyTrading?

CopyTrading not only brings benefits for the subscribers, but also for the providers, since, if they wish to, they can receive commissions for the profits that their subscribers make at the end of each calendar month.

Expert Binary Options traders who have perfected their strategies through the years can share their signals and earn money for each one of their subscribers that achieve profitability by following them, making it a win-win situation for both providers and subscribers.

This is why there are so many providers currently on the MT2Trading CopyTrading service and top-performing traders of the industry offering their signals there.

Something worth noting is that the CopyTrading feature only allows for free or profit-share based signals. This means that providers are not allowed to charge fixed amounts for their signals, and that subscribers will pay commissions only if they are profitable with the signals, and not otherwise.

You can learn more about how to become a signal provider by clicking here


CopyTrading is a form of automation based on copying other traders, which makes it a very effective social trading tool, and with the help of MT2Trading, you can profit from it very easily. MT2 is able to replicate expert Binary Options investment strategies directly on your broker account. In return, the provider will receive commissions for the profitable trades you copied from them, at the end of each calendar month. (in case their signals are based on profit-share and not free)

To find your ideal provider, you can make use of useful filters and subscribe to the provider that has the best statistics at the best possible price (commission). Once everything is set up, you do not need to worry about anything. Expert traders will be doing the hard work for you, and the risk management parameters you set up, keeping your capital safe at all times.